Q + A about my work with Fiona McCoss

“I’m super, super grateful for anyone that helps to support this work that I’m doing. It’s literally my dream. So regardless of the amount of followers, if I can keep doing this for a living I’m beyond content.”


Creative Goddess Feature on Chasing Bliss

"Divine feminine to me means defining yourself and your life on your own terms. Whatever that looks like for you. Not feeling like you have to live up to anyone else's idea of what your role in this world should be. And analyzing deeper and deeper why you are the way you are, and figuring out what parts of you actually feel true and what feels learned."


Interview with Mystic Tribe Co.

"At the core it was that artistic urge and need to be exploring my psyche through creating something visual. On a more surface and content based level it was a desire to see more imagery of women through a feminine perspective rather than through the lens of male desires."


Artist Highlight on Foxy Sage

"When I start to experience struggle in continuing to create in the way that I have been, it usually tells me that i’m starting to search for the next level or next thing that I can add to progress my art forward."