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"Rachael has been an utter joy to work with. Her sense of aesthetic is so contemporary and yet completely unique. Her process is seamless and she is so willing to receive feedback. Not only that, but she then takes that feedback and transforms it into really positive changes and offers strong suggestions in return. She has an uncanny ability to take the vision right from your mind and bring it into physical fruition."

Zoey Greco - Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Coach.



"I could not recommend working with Rachael enough! Not only does she have a really unique and distinctive style, she was reflexive to my needs and vision of what I wanted. Professional and timely, she works with a transparency that I appreciated, and made the entire collaboration an enjoyable experience. Will definitely be working with Rachael again."

 Caitlin is an Australian writer, feminist, journalist, ocean baby, world watcher, Scorpio and professional feeler of feelings. You can follow her heart-driven messages here and here.


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"Working with Rachael was like having a magical being swoop in, turning the vague ideas and jumble of adjectives I handed her into stunning visual designs beyond anything I had hoped for. Her process was smooth and seamless, as well as warm and inclusive - I know that if I had a single change to make or idea to add, she would have welcomed my input. That being said, her work was so fitting and true that I had nothing to add - she's that good. I just wish I needed more so that I could continue to have her exquisite work float into my clutches."

Elle Vevea is an astrologer and tarot reader. To use her words, she is a cowgirl card-slinger and star-catcher. To get a reading you can visit her corner of the internet here.



"Rachael joined Of The Wolves at a pinnacle as well as chaotic time - as my partner and its founder, Lulu Brud Szebe, and I were in the midst of an ambitious relaunch. Rachael is calm in a storm and a creative visionary. Thus far, she has created incredible graphics, produced hand illustrations and even hand-painted for us. We look forward to what we hope is a long and prosperous partnership between us all and can not speak highly enough about Rachael."

Micha Thomas - partner in Of The Wolves, longtime Creative Director and Marketing Exec.